Permanent Supportive Housing- “Housing First”

At House of Hope CDC we believe in “Housing First” based on the premise that vulnerable people are more responsive to interventions and social services once they are in their own safe and stable housing. The Housing First model works well for individuals and families with children who are not only homeless but face the complex challenges of having very low or no income, coupled with persistent issues that may include serious physical and mental health illnesses.

We specialize in providing our consumers with “permanent supportive housing” which couples our own well-maintained affordable housing with supportive services such as life skills, counseling and case management. Case management services are provided in a holistic manner to help residents identify individual needs, provides sources of income through public benefits or employment, and focuses on helping them solve problems as they arise by connecting them with community based services to meet their long term needs. Residents sign leases, pay rent and care for their own apartments. With supportive housing, homeless families and individuals can begin to regain the self-confidence and control over their lives they lost when they became homeless.

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