Bob’s Story

Bob lived in Harrington Hall since 2010.  He was diagnosed with Depression and Bipolar disorder in the 90’s and received SSI benefits because of these disorders.  Bob mostly kept to himself while at Harrington Hall and didn’t participate much in case management.


He told me during the day there weren’t many places he could be at and didn’t like the downtown Providence area because there was too much trouble, so he would often go to Garden City. He would buy lunch in order to be able to stay and not be kicked out.  He stated a lot of his monthly income was spent just doing that.  Bob doesn’t appear to have any drug or alcohol issues and didn’t enjoy being around people who suffered from addictions.


In January of 2014, I met Bob and approached him about the ACCESS to HOPE program.  At first he was hesitant because he didn’t want to have a roommate, didn’t want to live in Providence and some other surrounding cities.  I asked him where he would like to live if he could live anywhere in Rhode Island, “Narragansett” he stated.  I let the Property Manager know this and they started to look for a place in this area.  Bob grew up in this area, loves the beach and loves to bike ride.


House of Hope Property Management located an apartment in Narragansett and I brought Bob to go see it, he loved it right away.  Bob moved in on February 28, 2014.  At first I met with Bob weekly to make sure he was adjusting to living out there on his own.  He adjusted quickly and very well.


Once the weather began to warm, I was able to get him a donated bike from RIPTA that he takes out almost daily and rides up to the beaches of Narragansett.  I now see Bob every other week, he continues to do very well, he has a short-term plan and a long term plan.  He would like to get part time work somewhere to help him boost his income and we recently discussed housing options that he could transition to.


Bob reports he still gets depressed here and there but “I can go outside, take the bike out and I feel better”.  Bob gets out everyday, even if it is for a short time.  He has reconnected with friends in that area since he once lived not too far from there.  He is at ease in Narragansett and most of the symptoms from his mental illness have subsided.


Bob is able to buy groceries and visit local food pantries to prepare meals at home instead of having to buy lunch to hang out in their establishments during the day.  He budgets his fixed income well, has paid his share of the rent monthly without any issues.  Bob knew his budget would be tight but he once said to me “At least I am not at the shelter anymore and I am happy”.  Bob has a small hibachi grill with a small yard he can enjoy the sunshine from.

Bob is happy, for the first time in years thanks to the ACCESS to HOPE program.