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25th Anniversary Celebration

House of Hope Community Development Corporation, along with its Board of Directors, constituents, and supporters, celebrated the organization’s 25thAnniversary on Thursday May 15 at Harbor Lights Marina in Warwick. The event was hosted by Governor Phillip Noel who was honored as the organization’s first Ambassador of Hope and raised $65,000.

The 200 attendees were given the first view of the organization’s new video and logo and learned of the organization’s history in the city of Warwick and as a statewide provider of housing and social services for the homeless. Governor Noel, the keynote speaker, concluded the evening by asking guests to continue to support an organization that is, “saving lives every day.”

“The event was a huge success,” says Jean Johnson, the organization’s Executive Director, who founded the organization in 1989 with founding Board members Carol Rooney and John Rooney.  “Not only was it a good event at a beautiful venue, b
ut we were able to raise some much-needed funds to continue to provide the services we do and remain a strong organization.”

Johnson said another goal of the event was to raise awareness about the organization, which has struggled to keep name recognition, especially outside of Warwick.  “We do a lot and have helped so many people. And we’re helping to rebuild the City of Warwick and other neighborhoods across the state. In a lot of ways, we’ve become one of the state’s best-kept secrets. It’s time for us to shine a little.”