Families in Housing

The Allens* Family came to House of Hope CDC from a family shelter and have been living in one of our permanent supportive housing single-family homes. With two deaf parents and 7 children, they have a variety of needs that our Family Case Worker and Youth Coordinator have worked to address. From navigating the public school system, to ensuring health and safety and financial security, our staff have been the support system this family needed to be successful in housing and as members of their community.

The Allens’ recently welcomed their 7th baby to the family and while mom had previously experienced significantly high risk pregnancies, his baby was the healthiest at birth of all the Allens children- a direct result, mom says, of the stability of housing.

Sarah*, a disabled woman who uses a wheelchair was housed at our Thomas Wilbur Homestead in 2010 and has been healthy and happy since. Thanks to our family supportive housing, her adult son is able to live with her and help care for her- eliminating the need for institutional care or expensive in-home care and the risk of future homelessness for this family.

They even recently welcomed a puppy to their family.

Marion Brooks, who became homeless 9 years ago, looks back with some satisfaction at what she and her children have achieved since then. Her daughter Tiffany, now 24, was born with Down syndrome. After graduating from Pilgrim High School and picking up several gold medals in the Special Olympics, she has a cleaning job at the Navy complex in Newport. Stephen, 20, won honors for his senior project at Warwick Veterans High School and this spring he expects to graduate from New England Institute of Technology on the Dean’s List. Both were involved in House of Hope’s Youth RAP program, which took them seal watching in Narragansett Bay and to Boston’s science museum.

” The House of Hope was very good with not losing your identity before you were homeless and after you were homeless.” Brook says.

“Helping our Homeless”

* Names have been changed for privacy