Giving Tuesday 2022 – Anchors of Hope

Giving Tuesday 2022 – Anchors of Hope

As winter approaches, the team at House of Hope receives daily requests for items such as tents, camping pads, sleeping bags, blankets and winter clothing. And while these items seem so basic to many of us, for those experiencing homelessness, access to these items can mean the difference between surviving a cold night on the streets – or not.

Each week, social service providers throughout the state receive a report indicating how many individuals are sleeping unsheltered each night. This past week we saw that number grow to more than 500 people – 64 of those households include children.

As the numbers continue to rise – our team is witnessing an uptick in deaths of those unsheltered constituents. Deaths that could be avoided with appropriate shelter space or better, more affordable housing. But until these options become more readily available, the streets will continue to remain a waiting room for housing. The crisis of those individuals sleeping unsheltered, is just that, a crisis.

House of Hope CDC knows that there is a dire need of resources for those experiencing homelessness in our state. We are working tirelessly to get people these resources, but this call to action is URGENT – WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Tuesday, November 29, 2022 is a global generosity movement known as Giving Tuesday and House of Hope CDC is excited to be taking part. Beginning at 6am on November 29th we will be working hard to raise $20,000 in 24 hours as part of our Anchors of Hope campaign. All of the funds raised will directly assist those sleeping unsheltered as the winter months approach.

This is YOUR time to make a difference in the life of someone experiencing homelessness in Rhode Island. Whether you make a donation of $5.00 or $500.00.

Your donation goes so far! Below are the different donation levels and what they support:

$25 – a donation of $25 will cover the cost of vital documents that a client would need to gain access to housing

$50 – a donation of $50 will provide a winter coat and a pair of winter boots for one client currently sleeping on the streets

$100 – a donation of $100 will provide a weather-resistant tent & sleeping bag for one client currently sleeping unsheltered

$250 – a donation of $250 will provide gas and groceries for a week for an unsheltered family

$500 – a donation of $500 will pay for 10 people to take 10 showers each at Shower to Empower

$1,000 – a donation of $1,000 will provide a week-long stay in a hotel for one unhoused individual

Please consider joining us on Giving Tuesday and being an Anchor of Hope – as we not only raise funds but raise awareness of the homelessness crisis we are facing here in Rhode Island. We need your help to protect those we serve, this winter and always. Donate now at

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