Affordable Rental Housing

Since opening our doors over 30+ years ago, we’ve made it our mission to give Rhode Island more affordable housing. With the cost of living inflating every year, we’ve dedicated our work to provide individuals and families with a space where they can feel safe and at home.


Since then, we’ve grown from just one location to several, renovating many of the buildings and homes ourselves.


We now offer on-site case management, rent vouchers, and access to resources all from our offices and housing units.


We believe everyone deserves a safe and warm place to sleep at night.

DS - Fair House(1)

Permanent Supportive Housing

Using a “Housing First” approach, we believe most vulnerable people thrive to interventions and social services once they are in safe and stable housing. Our model works best for not only homeless individuals, but also families with children dealing with low-income, physical, or mental health challenges.


Residents sign leases, pay rent, and care for their own apartments. With supportive housing, our clients can finally gain back their confidence and control over their lives after becoming homeless.


Our case management services aid residents in identifying their needs, providing sources of income, and helping them solve any life issues as they pop up. Together, we work with clients on community-based services to meet their long-term needs.

Fair House

Property Development

Located in one of Rhode Island’s most historical areas, the Fair House in

Pawtuxet Village used to be home to the RI State Fair in the 1800’s.


Completed in May 2017, the Fair House provides 10 units of permanent supportive housing to residents.


We buy, build, and renovate single and multi-family homes for families and individuals whose incomes are at 80% or less of AMI (average median income).


Our properties provide both first-time homeownership opportunities, as well as affordable rentals. Every renovation we do is built to complement the neighborhood surroundings and constructed to meet the highest level of energy efficiency possible.

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